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Collaborative film with Lola bunting and Johnny Bunting for Artist Self Publishers' fair The Sixth (ASP6), supported by Arts Council England and in association with ICA London

Collaboration with Lola Bunting 

Watch the live stream of the event featuring our film alongside Ruth Angel Edwards, R.I.P. Germain, The Right Lube, Richard Sides and Music from Lolin' & Scratchin' (Lolina & Scratcha DVA)

Boy they Try and Mourn ya 2017

Lines Drawn in the Dust 2020

IMG-3843 (1)

Produced for Broken Diorama with Allison Ballance and Alice Rebak


Broken Diorama was originally broadcast on Radio Quantica Lisbon, as a guest mix by Alison Ballance and Alice Rekab for Diana Policarpo's HERETICS #12 on 17th November 2017. For this broadcast, artists, architects and theorists were invited to contribute recordings that gathered loosely around the theme of the Diorama as a place in which multiple stories or broken retellings can be read as one or in parts; where the sequence of these narratives is dependent on the onlooker

© Sarah Lederman

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